Saturday, October 24, 2020

State of The Tavern - 10/24/2020 (Blog, Podcast, Newsletter, Projects, More)

Here we are, nearing the end of October, and I THINK things are finally settling down. 2020 has been an epic ride of the type I'd rather not repeat. A week ago Thursday Rach and I put our 14-year-old cat Ashley to sleep due to serious and recent health issues due to newly diagnosed cancer. So, just when I thought I was caught up on 2020 life issues, I kinda got derailed again.

So, here's where things stand on various Tavern projects and platforms:

Torchlight - I spoke with Jeff, our layout artist, and my partner on this endeavor, and we agreed (after Jeff suggested) that we have the material for two issues in hand before we announce the next issue. Work on my end commences this coming Monday (or tomorrow night, depending on how the newsletter comes together). I'd like to get an issue out by Thanksgiving, but no promises.

The Town Watch Project - likely on hold until 2021. Too much to juggle and I need to get some focus on the project aims and expectations so I can focus on the creators' strengths.

This Blog - As always, huge thanks to the Frugal GM, not just for his weekly Sunday columns but for stepping in when I've been hospitalized. I still don't understand how I was capable of 3 to 6 posts daily WHILE I was working...

The Tavern Chat Podcast - Bad Mike and I decided to fold the more or less weekly Talking Crit Podcast back into Tavern Chat as a regular feature. Listenership for the Tavern Chat Podcast has nearly tripled over the last few weeks. Yes, blows my mind too. Truly, I can't thank you all enough for spreading the love and spreading the word.

YouTube (Live and Other) - Talking Crit (most Wednesday Nights at 8 pm eastern) and all Fireside Chats/guests for the Tavern Chat Podcast will be recorded live via Facebook and YouTube. We will read your comments during the show and certainly appreciate the audience participation. Join The Tavern's YouTube Channel and never miss a live show :)

Discord Server - Lively discussion and the place where we host the Tavern Chat Live hangout Thursday. Nights from 9 pm eastern until...

Weekly Newsletter/Mailing List - I'll be working on it tonight for a send out tomorrow. It's free to join and free to submit content. Join the list here and send news and the like to tenkarsDOTtavern at that Gmail thing.

Alright, time to make dinner for Rach and me :)

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