Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Announcing the Frog God Games and the Official Swords & Wizardry Communities on MeWe

As the mass migration of gamers from Google+ to MeWe continues, I thought I'd announce some new communities that might interest The Tavern's readers.

The Frog God Games Group - the official presence of Frog God Games on the MeWe social media platform.

The Official Swords & Wizardry Group - there may be more than one, but this group will be maintained by the Frogs. Can't get more official than that ;)

Of course, the Tenkar's Tavern Group went live last night, and if you are looking for your humble bartender on MeWe, here's a handy link.

As a dev actually dropped into a group chat to get feedback from the influx of Google+ RPG refugees earlier today, I'm pretty enthusiastic about the move. :)

(Evan Edwards has been putting together a comprehensive list of tabletop RPG groups on MeWe. With his kind permission, I'll be posting such here at The Tavern in a day or so.)

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