Tuesday, October 9, 2018

My Seven Year Old Niece Schools Me on Dungeon Design

The video is short, but my God, she understands what goes into designing a challenging dungeon.

Trick rooms, false treasure, lave, traps, bad guys, wizards, and limited access. All in just over a minute.

She has never played D&D or any of its variants yet. She has played some of the Dungeon boardgame and two sessions of No Thank You Evil!

I suspect she will be a natural :)

So, with the children in your family circles, are you leading them into the corrupted future of "fantasy roleplaying?" ;)


  1. no idea what happened. Went through YouTube this time

  2. You better, "Keep her safe and Keep her Secret" otherwise Brother Mearls and the big bad Monster Hasbro will gobble her up! :D


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