Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Tavern Chat Podcast - E148 - Delving into the Preface of the AD&D 1e DMG

In last night's Tavern Chat, the AD&D 1e DMG came up in the discussion. It was noted that, except for the combat and saving throw tables, it was the least needed of the three core books.
Fourth time is the charm ;) I delve into the preface of the AD&D 1e DMG, an interesting read, even if it appears a bit contradictory.
Link to Episode 148https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/E148---Delving-into-the-Preface-of-the-ADD-1e-DMG-e2clu2


  1. Well, I feel that the 1st ed DMG is an indispensable fountain of inspiration, and that no other gaming book has so much for a DM to learn from. Reminds me that I should re-read it again.

  2. Least needed?

    If you only valued the books for minimum necessary information, then the Monster Manual was the least needed: DMG 1e Appendix E covers all Monster Stats, so the only thing needed from the MM 1e is the Treasure Type Appendix!

  3. Yeah, the DMG kind of sets the tone for the whole game. It's essential!

  4. I think you need the DMG magic items, at the very least!
    I can't imagine running 1e without the DMG; it seems the core of the game to me. I could have a B/X for monsters and pc classes, and use the 1e dmg for everything else, and it would still feel very 1e AD&D I think.


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