Thursday, July 23, 2015

Christmas in July - The OSR Picks

So, I asked in the OSR G+ Community for some help with identifying the OSR publishers with applicable Christmas in July Sales.

Thus far I am happy with the results :)

Barrel Rider Games has put nearly all of it's catalogue on sale (exceptions being this week's releases) - White Star, White Box, Labyrinth Lord - it's all here,

d101 Games - OpenQuest, OSR Adventures and the like - OpenQuest Basic is free as always and an excellent pick up. I have much of this in print myself.

BRW Games - Adventures Dark & Deep as well as Castle of the Mad Archmage and other. What can I say, I have most of this catalogue in print.

Savage AfterWorld - maybe Mutant Future IS the future.

Violent Media - Murder Hobos? Oh my!

Antherwyck Hosue Games - DragonQuest+The Padre did you catch this?

Moebius Adventures - OSR and generic. Grab what fit's your needs.

Kort'thalis Publishing - Crimson Dragons, Purple GM's and other madness ;)

If I get more links to add, I'll add them :)


  1. Kort'thalis Publishing is on board!

  2. I'm gonna throw a little love Michael Desing and Splintered Realms Publishing's way. Sentinels of Echo City, his really great OSR superhero game is included in the Christmas in July sale. It can be yours for a mere $3.71. Well worth a look even at the normal $4.95 price. He also just released a PWYW supplement for Sentinels called Echo City Team Up #1.

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  4. Here's the url for Splintered Realms Publishing on rpgnow.


  5. Gotta support DragonQuest. My favorite fantasy RPG. If only TSR had done likewise.

  6. My three books are up too.


  7. Poor Brendan's Almanac....a supplement for Dragonquest?!?!?!?! Woah.


  8. All our OSRIC material (and Classified as well) is part of the sale.



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