Monday, July 20, 2015

Christmas in July? ENWorld Posts Rumors of WotC Layoffs

There was a point where WotC was good for a Christmas Purge like clockwork. That kinda stopped / slowed down as D&D Next / 5e was getting it's polish.

Now that 5e is pretty much all outsourced for it's adventures and just about everything else, should it simply be called D&D OS (for "outsource" of course ;)

Anyway, it looks like art director Mark Painter is one of the victims of the latest round of WotC layoffs.

Read the thread over at ENWorld. It actually has a good list of what WotC is outsourcing these days in the comments section.


  1. Is this why we don't have an 3rd party license yet?

  2. Insane. Either they make so much money D&D is a side project (and thus they can afford some staff), or D&D makes a lot of money (and thus can afford some staff), or D&D loses money and someone needes to be auditted because that just doesnt grok.

    Perhaps they should spin D&D (the tabletop rpg only) off into a semi-independant company. Wizards only really seems interested in the other aspects of the property (videogames, eyc).

    At least thats mu opinion I coukd be wrong.

  3. I hope they have someone or some group working on additional monster books at least.

  4. They already made the books. all they need is a printer. Why would they need a staff of many?


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