Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wayward Kickstarter - Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series - At Whit's End

So, Ken Whitman said he emailed the invited to the Gen Con Premier of the Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series a week ago - as of yesterday, it appears folks are still waiting on theirs.

Here's Jolly Blackburn's latest take on the situation (comments section of the Kickstarter):
Jolly Blackburn 1 day ago 
Ken it's really unfair that you haven't sent out those invitations to the premiere as promised. Especially when you squeezed extras money out of those backers who already pledged for the premiere (basically the paid twice). It's very late in the game. GenCon is in a week. Folks will be hitting the road soon and won't have access to email. You are adding to their frustrations and worries and for no reason. If you can post memes all night on Facebook why can't you take a few minutes and send out those invitations? And why can't you answer your email, messages or update folks here (or on your other five kickstarters which are piling up with complaints). WE get you blew through all the money. You're broke. You say you're struggling to raise more money to fulfill your obligations. That's great. But silence and refusing to just be honest and telling folks that is adding to the problem. You're leaving folks guessing and assuming the worse. A lot of people are betting you'll come down with an excuse a the last hour and not even show up for GenCon to face backers and present your 3 film projects. Or that you'll send a proxy. I have no idea. As you've said many times this is YOUR project not mine (or KenzerCo's). But it's our base and our IP you've been milking for money for over 18 months and now that backers have questions you have no time for them. NONE. You do a drive by 'update' with broken promises and dates every few months and that's about it. You told me the other day I was 'sabotaging' you by ruining our ability to 'raise money' on the internet by my 'insistent complaining'. Actually, I've been simply letting our readers know that they shouldn't be throwing good money after bad. I have no idea where all the money went. That's your business as you say. My 'complaining' if you ever bothered to read the comments here has been about your lack of communication. As in NO communication. Also the lying. Why tell backers you have shipped their books only to have them learn weeks later that you didn't? I just don't get the logic. Call me crazy but I think honest answers are always better than a lie. I look forward to seeing the three episodes at GenCon next week. (two of which we had here at KenzerCo has little or no opportunity to see, let alone provide creative feedback on as promised). I REALLY hope you show up Ken. It's going take a lot of courage. And I hope you come with some real answers - even if it's just to deliver some bad news. (product will be months late or whatever). I will never personally work with you again. I can handle someone who makes mistakes and owns up to them and makes an effort to improve. I can't work with someone who makes mistakes and then blames others for his failures.

I don't personally know Jolly, but I've been told by those that know him well he is a kind, patient person. It seems Ken's pushed Jolly (and others) to their breaking point.

I don't personally know Ken, but from what I've seen from his serial Kickstarters and inability to balance a budget (and basically saying in his own words, he uses subsequent Kickstarter Project funds to try and complete previous Kickstarters) I wouldn't give him another dollar. Actually, I never have, and I consider myself lucky for dodging this one.

It's the old saying - Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame one me. D20 Entertainment alone has fooled folks six times under his management. It's making Castle Nystul appear to be a valid investment in comparison.


  1. "...basically saying in his own words, he uses subsequent Kickstarter Project funds to try and complete previous Kickstarters..."

    That would be what's known as "a Ponzi scheme". Textbook definition.

  2. He's been given a lot of leeway by too many people. I'm simply amazed when people still defend him. He's raised OVER 175K on these "recent" Kickstarters and I'd be surprised to find out that he spent over $20K on backer rewards.....

    To say he's been "milking" the various RPG communities is a bit of an understatement. I've never seen so much lying and deceit from one person, which is saying a lot if you knew my work history.

    He'll probably read this, post something stupid on Facebook, and maybe give an excuse or three long before he fulfills another one of his empty promises. Today was his deadline for putting up the three KoDT:LAS episodes online for backers to view.....doubt that will happen either.

    Please, don't take my word for it....allegedly I'm just someone who has issues and needs counseling, well at least according to Mr. Whitman.

  3. I'd call it pulling a Whitman, but that might give the chocolate company a bad name. I have been hearing about his bad business practices since his print on demand days. That kept me from dipping my toe in his recent ventures. Good luck to everyone affected. Hope things get turned around, though I doubt it.

  4. I have to go to confession whenever I "pull a Whitman." I'm just sayin'.

  5. What has two thumbs and stupidly pledged to this kickstarter BEFORE he knew it was being run by the same guy who's owed him $2 grand since 2006? *This Guy* : (


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