Friday, May 2, 2014

WOSR 74.O Tavern Radio featuring Tenkar & The Badger - The Unnamed Podcast is now Named

+Jason Paul McCartan and I spent about 2 hours last night talking about our upcoming podcast. Format, tech, short term and long term plans. You know, all of the goodness. Probably the last thing we hashed out was the name.

We wound up going with a radio theme. We like the naming format, as it allows for expansion down the line. Real play, an all interview program (probably hacked together from previous episodes) or what not can all be Tavern Radio, just different lines. Shit, that sounds very 2e-ish ;)

The hope is to get the first episode up by the end of June or so - time will tell.

There will be a "Tavern Radio" community over on G+ for news about the podcast as well as the usual updates here at The Tavern. Well, it's there now, just nothing "therein" at the moment. Work in progress. Hang at The Tavern in the meantime.

BTW, the "O" in 74.O is pronounced "oh" - it's the letter, not the number. Seventy Four Point Oh. Because that's the way we roll :)


  1. For some reason the theme gave me flashbacks to Howard Stern's 'Private Parts'... er, wait. That sounds a lot worse than I meant!

  2. "He spelled his name H-E-N-3-R-Y. The 3 was silent, you see."


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