Monday, April 28, 2014

Mini Review - CrawlJammer #2 (DCC RPG in Spaaaace!)

There is something I really like about CrawlJammer, and that is it's freshness. Admittedly, there is something fresh about most of the DCC RPG adventures out there, but CrawlJammer stuff is fresh and unique. Putting the DCC RPG into space seems like a no brainer now that +Tim Callahan has done so.

Last things first - CrawlJammer #2 has an adventure that takes up the second half of the issue - Red Planet Rendezvous: The Arcadian. Space combat and some derelict spaceship "dungeon crawling" give one the last of both new and old. Very well done.

Back to the beginning - Space encounters give you both a random encounter table and some CrawlJammer monsters which would fit well with little adjustments into any DCC RPG Campaign - or with more adjustments as inspiration for new creatures and adversaries in any OSR game.

The Technomancer is a new DCC RPG class for a CrawlJammer Campaign. DCC magic is something I've always had trouble wrapping my head around fully, so all I can say is it looks good, but no idea how it would turn out in play. Same goes for the new spells.

Hail Bob's is a space bar and random tables for both patrons and drinks. Very random. Very cool. Easily yoked for most OSR games.

CrawlJammer is well worth the $3.95 shipped asking price in print. Really. Whether you play the DCC RPG or not. It is simply inspirational.


  1. I'm thinking of freeing myself up over July 4th weekend so I can run some Crawljammer games at Oswarp. Good idea? Anyone want to play?

  2. Just bought issues 1 and 2. I've had a weird twist lately....all the B/X D&D I've been messing with has acted like a gateway drug to reinvigorate interest in DCC. DCC+Spelljammer=perfect storm of gaming coolness for me!

  3. Big shout to Crawljammer happening in the next Spellburn episode... *evil grin*

  4. I love the zines that have come out for DCC....Crawl!, Metal Gods, and Crawljammer all rock mightily.


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