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Do You Have a Default Equipment List for Your Characters?

One of my players ( +Joe D to be exact) has a default equipment list that he buys for all of his characters once they have the gold to purchase from the list. It's made up of a myriad of little things (and I really should find out how much it all weighs, but I've never been a stickler for that).

It includes stuff like small flasks of acid, chalk, flour, honey, iron nails, small hammer, string, etc - I'm sure iron pyrite is on there somewhere. It's a huge friggin' list that pops up in the Roll20 chat box each time we start a new campaign (or Joe has a new character). It's basically his "bag o' tricks".

Do you have such a list for your characters? Would you use such a list if it were available?


  1. yep...Standard equipment carried
    for a starting character

    Fighter or Dwarf (AC +6, AP-3; 48 + 22#)

    Hauberk & Kite Shield (30#)
    Dagger & long sword OR hand axe ( 4 #)
    10’ foot pole OR spear ( 5 #)
    Cross bow with 20 bolts ( 8 #)

    Leather Backpack (5000gp capacity), holding (22#):
    Tinderbox & 3 Torches,
    Mallet & 12 iron spikes
    Manacles (2#),
    Two Large Sacks (30# capacity),
    Skin filled with beer ( 4 #),
    one week’s Rations (10#)
    d6sp per level.

    Thief or Pirate (AC +2, AP-0; 10 + 15#)

    Leather Armor ( 5 #)
    Dagger, shortsword OR cutlass ( 4 #)
    Sling with 10 silver & 10 iron stones ( 1 #)
    Spyglass ( 2 #)
    Concealed set of Thief's Tools (½ #)
    Large flask filled with rum ( 1 #)
    Leather Backpack (3000gp capacity), holding (11#) :
    Crowbar (d4, 2#),
    Silk Rope (1.5#) ,
    Bullseye lantern (5#)
    two Flasks of Oil & tinderbox,
    dice or cards,
    two Large Sacks (2000gp capacity),
    d6sp per level.

    Barbarian or Ranger (AC +3, AP-1; 23 + 28#)
    Eclectic OR studded (10#)
    Battle axe, Dagger and whip ( 9 #)
    Composite bow with 12 arrows ( 4 #)

    Leather Backpack (3000gp capacity), holding (27#):
    50' Rope & small grappling hook (10#) ,
    Tinderbox & 3 Torches,
    Fishhooks and line ,
    Wolvesbane ,
    Useful herbs ,
    Steel mug or cup,
    Large Sack (3000gp capacity),
    Skin with mead (4#),
    one week’s Rations (10#),
    d6cp per level

    Magic-User (AC +0, AP 0; 6+ 14#)

    No armor
    Two Daggers, silver tipped staff ( 6 #)

    Spell components ( 1 #)
    Scroll tube with one spell ( 1 #)
    Small Backpack (2000gp capacity), holding (12#):
    Small Hourglass (2#),
    Tinderbox & 2 Torches (2#),
    five Small Sacks (500gp capacity),
    three day’s rations (4#),
    Wine Skin filled with water (4#) ,
    d6gp per level.

    Cleric or Priest (AC +7, AP -3; 38+ 22#)

    Classic armor & Buckler (35#)
    Mace ( 2 #)
    Sling (10 blessed stones) ( 1 #)

    Silver Cross (or other symbol) ( ½#)
    3 Vials of Holy Water ( 3 #)
    Small flask filled with cognac ( ½#)
    Leather Backpack (30# capacity), holding (18#):
    Ink, Pen and Parchment (1#),
    Garlic & wooden stake (1#),
    Ornate candlestick, candles, incense (2#),
    Prayer book or hymnal (2#),
    Wine Skin, one quart (2#),
    one week’s rations (10# ),
    d6sp per level.

    Agent, Elf or Bard (AC +4, AP -1; 18+ 22#)

    Breast plate (10#)
    Rapier and Dagger ( 4 #)
    hand Crossbow (d4) OR pistola (d8) ( 4 #)

    Musical Instrument ( 5 #)
    Scroll tube with map ( 1 #)
    Leather Backpack (3000gp capacity),holding (16#) :
    Magnifying glass grants +2 to appraise,
    Ink, Pen and Parchment
    Candles and wax seal,
    Caltrops (1#),
    ever burning Torch,
    silk scarf and vial of perfume,
    two small Sacks (500gp capacity),
    one week rations (10# ),
    Wineskin (4#),
    d6gp per level.

    NPCs level squared = % chance for a magic item.

  2. We have always used "Omar's Standard Adventuring Pack" everything a 1st level needs, stuffed in a backpack for 50gp.

  3. Some means of illumination
    A way to start a fire
    Edged Weapon
    Blunt weapon
    Spare tunic
    Spare boots
    Medium armor as per class

  4. I actually hate buying equipment for characters. Some RPGs give too much gold, and I always find myself with stuff left over. I like to buy stuff that fits with the vague idea of my character, rather than a default 'adventurer's kit'.

    For example, my new character in a D&D Next game I am playing in is a pig-farmer turned cleric, and all I wanted for him was peasant's clothes, a farming implement for a weapon, and a pig (his 'holy symbol').

  5. • Adventurer gear- Backpack
    • Bedroll
    • Torches x2
    • Rations x 5
    • Waterskin
    • Flint and Steel
    • 1 healing potion (1d6+1 HP)
    • Hemp Rope (50ft)
    • Adventurer’s Clothing
    o Warrior- Chainmail, shield, shield spike, and 3 weapons.
    o Thief- Studded leather, caltrops, thieves tools, 1 smoke bomb, dagger, hand crossbow (10 shots), and collapsible 10ft pole/staff.
    o Wizard- Padded armor, spellbook, staff, and 1 other weapon.
    o Cleric- Hide armor, shield, holy symbol, 2 vials of holy water, weapon of deity, 1other weapon.
    o Alchemist- Leather armor, dagger or short sword, pistol (4 shots), 1 healing potion (1d6+1 hp), 1 vial of acid.
    o Avarian- Padded or leather armor, thieves tools, short bow (10 shots), 1 other weapon
    o Druid- Studded leather armor, short or long bow (10 shots), 1 melee weapon.
    o Ekrask- Studded leather armor, a shield, 2 weapons
    o Half Demon- Padded armor, spellbook, 2 weapon
    o Murder Machine- Shield and 2 weapons, 2 nuts and bolts salves.
    o Mutant- Hide armor, overlarge cloak, 2 weapons
    o Shadowdancer- Studded leather armor, 2 daggers, hand crossbow (10 shots), and 1 Darkness stone

  6. No way, man! Each character is his own entity and has different ideas about what he should bring on adventures. I always buy from scratch.

  7. I recently downloaded from Drive Thru, A Quick Start Equipment Menu for AS&SH which had me thinking of modding something up for my imminent new gaming group. Anything to speed up the character generation process sounds good to me. I recall games in my HS school past coming to a dead halt as it became a pretend trip to fantasy mall. Sorry to go on like this. It is interesting download and it's free! Free is always good.

  8. I usually start off with the very basics: Cloak, backpack, rations, water/wineskin, bedroll, 2 large sacks, 50' rope, flint & steel. Invariably, part of the RP process involves a shopping trip (at least it does in my current group), so I add to that as needed.

    1. That's a heck of a way to not gain XP and level up.

    2. Tell me about it! Fortunately, my DM doesn't award XP directly, he just let's us level up when he determines that the upcoming challenges require more power. It works, but it was not easy to get used to. The shopping trips got out of hand, to the point where I was bitching about them both in and out of character.

  9. mmmm....somewhat. I generally equip each character with:
    belt pouch
    small sack
    hammer and spikes

    then we decide who is carrying torches or lanterns.

  10. nope, and a lot of those items can't just be bought in every town you stumble into.

  11. I like using someething similar to "Ye Fast Pack" from the classic B4: The Lost City. It gives you three options. I think that is the first place I ever saw something like that. A great time saver.

  12. One thing I always include in my backpack of a dungeon delver are a couple of iron door wedges for doorways, wedging them either open or closed as needs be. Never can be to careful.

  13. I did keep a standard list of adventuring gear to save time buying things ala carte. No idea where that list is now--I expect it'd be very different depending on the GM.

  14. I don't have one but now I wonder why not. Because I pretty much do end up buying the same stuff with every character. Having the list drawn up and just kept on file would save me so much time.

  15. Nope. Because each one of my characters is a special, unique snow flake.

  16. For faster chargen, I opt for a rolled fast-pack and starting gear, something like the three standard packs in microlite (and other rulesets and quick-starts)

    Really, unless you're working with some sort of expanded or esoteric gear list, I don't see people picking much outside of these items anyhow, and as long as there is enough variety among the party, they should be able to use/improvise accordingly.

  17. I do not have a standard list that I purchase every time but nine out of ten characters have a lot of "crap" in their backpack, much like Joe D's.

    Never leave home without needle, thread, fishhook, hammer and spikes, mirror, chalk, caltrops or ball bearings, vinegar, flour or other dust, firestarter, candle, oil, etc etc.


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