Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Any Gen Con Plans for Those That Aren't Going?

Are you doing anything to celebrate NOT attending GEN Con 2013? ;)


  1. Doing editing and layout on two DCC RPG modules and playtesting some variant rules for a game I wrote about rogue police officers trying to solve one last case.

  2. I'm playing some game tonight ("Doom of the Savage Kings") and hope to get some quality work done on my next DCC RPG module. I'm also hoping that despite all the GenCon activity, Mr. Goodman will have a chance to approve Larvik so I can get that posted to rpgnow.com

  3. Wrapping up the editing and layout of a new Mutant Future supplement I've been working on for a few years. Maybe run a game or two at the FLGS. Might give away some goodies over at my blog.

  4. Supposed to play some AD&D 1 with a group of kids this weekend. That is if I ever get the characters made. This is my first year not going in s very long time.

  5. I plan on crying myself to sleep tonight, but beyond that... :)

    1. Hex Ox virtually pats Adam Howard's head, and tells him it's going to be ok, I've never been to Gen Con and I'm still doing just fine. :p

  6. I introduced my children to "The Kids in the Hall". Does that count?

  7. Well... in 2012 I wasn't able to make it and my GM was, so I stopped by his condo, photoshopped a smashed window into his brand new jeep and shot him a text; "What HAPPENED?" I may have to do something similar this year. You can see the pic at: http://digitalorc.blogspot.com/2011/08/gencon-revenge.html

  8. Nothing special, just school, DCC, and Star Wars, like almost every week.


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