Monday, August 12, 2013

Are There Any Gen Con Releases You Are Anxiously Awaiting?

Amazingly enough, I can't think of anything off hand.

So, what are you expectantly expecting to be released at Gen Con?


  1. Be sure to stop by the Goodman Games booth. Frozen in Time and Fell's Fate Hand will make their debut at Gen Con, and Tower of the Black Pearl is a Gen Con exclusive.

  2. The Goodman Games folks have been teasing a crap-ton of DCC goodies that will be available at their booth. DCC dice bags, DCC shirts, special DCC Gen Con program and apparently THREE new DCC modules (Fate’s Fell Hand, Tower of the Black Pearl, Frozen in Time). Sadly, unable to go this year, so this is killin’ me.

  3. I want to at least give Numenera an honest look.

    Overall, though, it is a down year for RPG releases at Gen Con. A lot of the stuff I want to look at (new colors at Alea Tools, Encounter Cards at Inkwell Ideas) were originally borne from KS, and are more in the line of accessories.

    I suspect folks will crow about Star Wars and 13th Age, but neither sounds my speed.

  4. It's not a GenCon-specific release, but the OSR Booth will have the Adventures Dark and Deep Game Master Toolkit, which was released fairly recently (as well as the other two books).

  5. Shadowrun 5th (I went to Origins, but they sold out).

  6. Double Tap, the expansion book for Night's Black Agents.

    I'm very curious about 13th Age and Shadowrun 5e.

  7. I'm anxiously awaiting the release of Tales from the Fallen Empire: A Sword and Sorcery Setting by James Carpio. It likely releases this month, however James won't be making it to GenCon.

    Although its not an OSR RPG, Unbound Games will finally be at GenCon demo-ing and releasing their revolutionary Serpent's Tongue game. Its a card game with PvP and PvE roleplaying elements. They even developed their own language for casting magic...Sehimu Thinara. Definitely worth going through their demo walkthrough.

    Rappan Athuk will be run at GenCon by Bill Webb at FrogGodGames. I highly recommend going down the well.


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