Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Spell: Watcher's Ward (OSR)

Continuing with the theme of practical, community centered magic spells:

Watcher's Ward

Spell Level - Cleric 2

Range - Touch

Duration - 1 Week Per Level

This spell is used to place a protective ward on a town watchman's symbol of authority (this may be a small metal badge, pendant, ring or anything that is appropriate and symbolic in the community). While worn by a duly sworn (by civil authority or by the church authority) town watchman, the watchman gains the following benefits: +1 AC, +1 to all saves, +3 to save vs magical sleep and +1 to hit when fighting unarmed or doing subdual damage.

The material component is a drop of holy water, which is dripped onto the watchman's symbol of authority during the casting.


  1. I cast "detect personal angle" on this... or, in other words, when will be treated to new edition of Saturday Knight Special?

  2. yeah, i have been neglectful on that end.

    I'll let my wife know it's been requested, so she can hound me to no end ;)


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