Saturday, September 22, 2012

Feedback - It Does a Body Good!

Feedback - it helps the soul, energizes the mind, and makes you feel all googlie inside.

This summer kicked off a new experience for me - blog feedback that wasn't a comment on a blog post, but sent direct either via my Google Profile or snagging one of my emails from one of my many contest related posts or sending me a Google Message.

It's all awesome and I really appreciate all of it, even the occasional criticism. Hell, with my posting schedule, I'd expect a lot more flat and boring posts than I actually seem to pump out ;)

So, thanks again to all, especially if somehow I missed responding to you.

Now, on to other goodness :)

One of the readers of this fine blog (more awesomeness) is sending me his extra copy of DCC 67, Sailors on the Starless Sea, to give away in the next DCC RPG Monthly Contest, which I really need to get up and running this weekend. I also need to reach out to the third party vendors and see what else can be added to the prize pool. Oh, and yeah, and actual theme for the contest. I'll need to get to that.

This weekend may be hectic for me, as today is my son's "Going off to Basic" Party, and tomorrow I actually send him off.

Sad but proud poppa ;(

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