Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Converting Between OGL Systems - On the Fly or Prior Prep?

To a certain extent, everything from OD&D through 3.5e (and quite possibly 5e) are somewhat compatible. Back in my early gaming I was using D&D adventures in my AD&D game without batting an eye.

These days, I've used LL, C&C and S&W adventures and supplements in my ACKS campaign. Most of the conversion work I can do on the fly, but there are times I wish I had spent a few minutes ahead of time making sure things were ready for ACKS.

I've also grabbed some stuff from 3x and Pathfinder with minimal effort in converting, but I suspect the reverse would be more time consuming if not downright frustrating.

So, do you mix and match OSR/OGL rules in your games? Convert on the fly or scratch it out ahead of time?


  1. I generally convert on the fly, but if something seems particularly odd or unusual, I'll work on it beforehand.

  2. Anything OD&D, BECMI, 1E, 2E & their respective clones I convert on the fly. It's especially easy if the system that I'm running happens to be C&C due to it's "plug & play" style. I have also been converting the Necromancer Games stuff from 3E pretty easily to C&C, to create the Rappan Athuk C&C campaign. Converting "up" from the OSR material to D20 and 4E is a different story, however.

  3. I've found this to be helpful:


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  5. I've dropped D&D3 stuff into LotFP without any major issues. I suspect it's probably easier than it might first appear; trying to do exact conversions is more trouble than it's worth, but a more loose approach seems to work well.

  6. I follow a lot of OSR blogs, and tend to gravitate to a rules-lite style of play, despite Pathfinder being my go-to game at the moment. I typically find a lot of really nasty traps, magic weapons, and cool ideas that were intended for S&W, LL, or OSRIC, and use them in my Pathfinder games.

    I also house-rule the hell out of the game too. This is usually done for two reasons: As an enhancing effect to support the setting, and to simplify the game for myself and some players.


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