Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG in Hand!

I had read on the Goodman Games Forums from those that already got their copy of the DCC RPG that is was a solid book, but I had no idea how solid, how big, until mine arrived today.  So of course I hard to take picture of both it and it's accompanying free module.  As the rulebook also includes a 1st level adventure and a 5th level adventure, they start you off pretty well.

I really can't see myself running this on a regular basis, but it might be a lot of fun for a one-shot or a short story arc.

Still, I expect there are some things I can steal for my ACKS campaign.  Let my players beware ;)


  1. @James - it is a solid, heavy book. I'm surprised Goodman can sell it and make any money off it at $39.99 - it's damn cheap for what you get.

  2. Considering the pre order got you the book, the module, and a the pdf, it was a frickin steal!

  3. I guess today was NY's day for the shipments to show. Mine turned up at my old place and I've now got to wait for it to be forwarded upstate. Curse my poor timing!

  4. @Michael - I suspect you will find it worthy he wait. That being said, sorry it couldn't find you update instead ;)

  5. I won't be able to make it to my Post office until Saturday.

    The anticipation is excruciating!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @james - they'll probably curse you as they drag it out for ya ;)

  7. I got mine too and even if you never run or play in a game there is a TON of stuff that can be appropriated for most any system.

    Let's be honest this thing is well worth it for the incredible art alone. At 470 pages or so it is a monster. What is truly impressive however is that there are at least as many illustrations as there are pages, possibly even more. Roslof, Dee, Easley, Poag, Mullen, Otus and more. If those names don't Make you want this baby then you need a new hobby.

  8. Damn.. 470 pages?? That puts it at about the size of the Pathfinder Core rules.. and it looks solid!


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