Friday, December 3, 2010

Black Adder, Dark Humor

Just as some had predicted, Black Adder renewed my faith in classic British Comedy. It was a polar opposite of the cringinly not funny 1st episode of The Young Ones.

Maybe it's my B.A.in History, with a concentration in Medieval History (what a surprise, right?). Maybe it's my gaming background, and my appreciation all thing Medieval from that end. Or maybe it's just because it's some funny shit.

My kid actually came out of his room to see why I was laughing... (this was during the dinner scene with the king's ghost being totally ignored). Good stuff.

I'd love to see a Black Adder GURPS Sourcebook, much like the Discworld ones they released. Not that I would ever truly expect it to happen, but it would be damn sweet. It would need to cover all the time periods tho. All the PCs would need skill levels in scheming and sniveling ;)

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  1. I like all 4 series of Black Adder. They changed the character of Black Adder quite a lot between the 1st and 2nd series and the first series is often seen as inferior (not an opinion I hold). I think Brian Blessed is superb as the King.

    The Young Ones was funny to me as a 13 year old when it was originally shown in 1982 but I wouldn't bother with it now.

  2. Black Adder is indeed classic.

    The first season is great, with its Shakespeare references, Brian Blessed, and cringing Edmund.

    The second season is also excellent, with Miranda Richardson's bloodthirsty & stupid parody of Elizabeth, Edmund's wit and Percy & Baldrick's increasing stupidity.

    Black Adder the Third gives you Regency fun, Edmund as a butler, and Hugh Laurie hilarious as the Prince Regent. I grew up knowing him from this, so seeing him as House is crazy for me.

    Black Adder Goes Forth, in the trenches of WWI is possibly the best of them all. Some amazing humor and pathos.

    You're seriously in for a lot of treats if you're just starting the series.


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