Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Humble Bundle - Black Friday RPG Bonanza (C&C, DCC RPG, 5e, Bunnies & Burrows)

Sometimes it's the little things that please us most. Other times, it's the large things that make us smile. Today, I'm happy and smiling because of the amazing selection of RPG titles in the Black Friday RPG Bonanza Humble Book Bundle (say THAT five times fast ;)

In the Black Friday RPG Bonanza Bundle, we have releases from Troll Lord Games (C&C Core rules and more, as well as 5e World of Airde adventures), Frog God Games (Bunnies & Burrow Core book and more, as well as 5e), Goodman Games (DCC RPG Core Rules and adventures), and Kobold Press (5e and System Neutral).

The Black Friday RPG Bonanza Bundle is 25 bucks for all 41 products shown above and below.

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