Sunday, August 2, 2020

Is it Cheating on Your FLGS if You're in Another Time Zone?

Is it Cheating on you FLGS if You're in Another Time Zone?
Truth be told I don't have a FLGS (Favorite Local Game Store) there is one local comic store where I live that has some game stuff and I do visit them almost weekly to pick things up, but it it isn't *my* store, my *favorite* store......it's just the only local game store.

Not knocking the store, I still support them, but I do miss having an actual FLGS.

Sometimes I travel for work and when I'm on the road I do like to stop in and check out local game stores. I've seen (mostly) some real hole-in-the-wall places that seemed to basically live off of CCGs, some smaller shops that just happen to have RPG stuff on the side, and even a few *holy crap, this is awesome* game stores.....and at least one the game stuff was less than 1/4 of the store!

I have more of a retail background than I really wish was on my resume, so I understand (better than most) what it takes to run a retail store and know just how much *fun* (seriously, can you feel my eye rolls) running a game store would probably be. If I had to have an endeavor to lose money and could do a specific type of diversification.....I'd consider it, but then I'd probably save some cash by paying a buddy to simply kick my ass for suggesting it.

I'm not saying you can't run a game store and you cannot make money doing so....just retail kind of sucks and the nerd/geek/gamer "dream" of owning and running a game store would most likely be a nightmare (technically still a dream.....)

......anyway I'm on this trip and I stopped by two hobby/game stores. One was closed, as in out of business, and the other was a tiny, deep shop loaded to the gills with product. Fully half the store was devoted to models, but there was a HUGE selection of RPGs, more old than new, a ton of dice, minis......most everything you'd expect in a game store. While there wasn't a ton of any particular product, what was there was quite varied. I found a ton of minis I haven't seen out in the wild, which I scooped up, along with a tool that you'd expect to find in a model shop, but I haven't seen yet.....a set of tiny drill bits.

You might wonder why I'm not naming this shop........it's a social media thing for work to post where I'm at for work. I'll update this after the fact next week when I make a post. (Edit: It was the Hobbit Hobby Shop in Fayetteville NC)

There were a few things I really wanted to pick up, but I only have so much room in my luggage, so I kept it to what I got:
My game store mini haul
My Game Store Mini Haul....almost $75!

Now clearly I visit game stores while travelling, but for those of you who travel.....do you make side trips/visits to local game stores? If so, would you like to know which ones are worth visiting? Maybe we'll get together a list.....or not.


  1. I don't think I've ever set foot in a new town without checking to see if there was a local game store. Sometimes there's nothing, sometimes its like that first one you went to - dead and gone but still listed as open online, but every once in a while you get a real prize that's sitting on stock you never thought you'd see in person, be it old or new. Always worth a look when traveling.

    1. I know I found some hidden gems at a game store in Anchorage. I ended up having to pay for an additional bag just to get all the loot back home!

  2. Here's a podcast with the store owner of my favorite game store in San Diego. He talks about what it takes to make it at least in our area with three great game stores:


  3. I travel a lot. I always check out the local game stores. I would love to exchange stores with you.

    I have a FLGS that puts back anything I want. I go to the local stores to see what is popular and "discover" stuff my FLGS might of missed.

  4. I always check the local stores and it's an awesome feeling to find a good one.


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