Monday, August 3, 2020

A Quick Look at Megadungeon #1 (Courtney Campbell / Hack & Slash)

About a week and a half ago I ordered Courtney's Megadungeon Zine, Issues 1-3 in print and PDF. I've enjoyed Courtney's work for years, and his take on the Megadungeon is a good one. I might not agree with all of his thoughts, but I enjoy them none the less.

Megadungeons are about resource management. Oh, and loot. Killing monsters is almost irrelevant.

What I find most interesting within is his introduction of skills to the B/X game, or really any OSR ruleset. I may seriously yoke this.

Courtney also introduces a new class.race. Think Warforged in the Eberron setting. I like it. A lot.

What is Megadungeon #1 missing? It has advice, setting material, random tables, a new class, 5e conversion rules. Heck, there's even an Ettercop lair and an entrance hall to whet your dugeoneering appetite.

5.99 in PDF, 9.99 in Print plus PDF
The first issue of Megadungeon is upon us!
Dungeon adventures, NPC's, and resources suitable for any campaign! Dual-statted for B/X and 5e. Come explore Numenhalla, the god halls. Learn about the altars and the logos, see the ettercop lair. 
Articles on the pillars of megadungeon play, and using 5e and the megadungeon!  
Heavily illustrated by the talented OSR artists, Sam Mameli, Todd McGowan, and Kent Miller!
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