Sunday, July 7, 2019

There's a New Tunnels & Trolls Community on Facebook

I've been a huge Tunnels & Trolls fan for years. I even own Ken St Andre's signed, personal play copy of T&T 2nd edition (Ken's signed, personal play copy of T&T 1st edition is in the possession of Bill Meinhardt. Yes, Bill does have the most complete RPG collection of anyone in the world, alive or dead.) I have all of the original solo adventures, some signed first prints. Yeah, I'm one of those ;)

Anyhow, last week the largest Tunnels & Trolls community on Facebook went dark. No, I don't know the drama behind it shutting down unexpectedly, but it left a community without a home.

There is something to be said with publishers and creators being the ones that admin the various communities that showcase their work. It protects against instances like this.

There is a new community for the Tunnels & Trolls Community to call home and Steve Crompton, Art Director for Flying Buffalo, is a moderator and a very active recruiter.
We discuss Tunnels and Trolls and related games here as a group of friends. All T&T and related systems are welcome, as are any other games by T&T's designers. This is an unofficial group. (emphasis mine)
I'm hanging around a bit with other T&T fans. Come join us :)

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  1. I own his signed 5 edition of t&t and am considering selling it with all the original components in mint shspe


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