Monday, February 26, 2018

#ConManKen - Assistant US Attorney Suggests Making Complaints to the FBI For Wire Fraud

You know you are blessed when an Assistant US Attorney reaches out to you with another idea to LEGALLY put pressure on #ConManKen to complete his LEGAL obligations to his backers.

Long story short, the sheer number of #ConManKen's unfinished Kickstarters suggest that #ConManKen is, in fact, engaged in fraud.

As such, I am directing #ConManKen's backers of his various Kickstarters to the following link at the FBI to file a complaint at their discretion:


The link make an FTC complaint is:


You can email me as anonymously as you want if you want at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gmail thing so we can keep a tally. 15 FTC complaints thus far.


  1. I'm almost starting to feel sorry for him.


    1. meh... shitheads get what's coming to them sometimes.

  2. This information should be posted by a backer in the comments section of every fraudulent KS campaign.

  3. As assistant US Attorney making the suggestion is a strong indicator that Ken is potentially in SERIOUS trouble. We all know that the wheels of justice turn *slowly*, but with rumors that the Atlanta police are preparing an arrest warrant for Ken, the growing number of complaints to the FTC, and now this?

    I would NOT want to be in Ken's shoes right now. If I were, I'd be bending over backwards to please folks, not demanding new contracts before fulfilling old obligations. For the first time, I am coming to believe that we may well see Ken behind bars in as little as a year. If civil suits follow, the store that he may, or may not, own could also vanish...

    This could be really interesting.

  4. Erik, you know how/where to find me if they need any help.

  5. Can someone help me out with the complaint details? I'm a $250 backer for KTDT's kickstarter and want to file complaints with both the FBI and FTC, however, other than my own loss information, I'm not sure about the other information on Ken as to his location and the other legal details. If someone could please share how they handled the questions to complete my forms I'd really appreciate it!

  6. I need some help on the FBI and FTC complaint forms. I backed the KTDT kickstarter for $250. I have no idea what the best information is to file as to Ken's location then and now, if relevant, and all the other details asked on the forms. Can someone share how they filed out the forms with detailed information, if they were involved in one of these kickstarters from CMK, to help me out? I will be happy to also post the info on the kickstarter page or Kenzer's forum if that's ok to do in the hopes that more people will file. Strength in numbers and all that. This whole thing is simply fraud and no other way to view it, in my opinion. I don't see how it can be otherwise when there are legal contracts stating obligations and someone reneged on that contract, fraud results. My dad taught law for 33 years and I am trained as a police officer, so I do remember that much! Let's push back, please. Ken needs to understand until he makes this right (and I have no idea what could have kept him from doing so since it's been four years since he promised to finish the KTDT kickstarter) it's not going to go away. Real people got hurt; $250 is a car payment, groceries, power bills, or could have made a payment on one of the four hospitalizations I had last year. Not funny at all to have someone take your money and lie, lie, lie about fulfilling his contractual obligations. I don't like throwing money away. I am pissed off and ready to push back. Any help would be appreciated!

  7. Complaint filed, thanks for the heads up.


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