Sunday, February 25, 2018

Thieves Guilds & Megadungeons Debate - Matt Finch & Alex Kammer - Noon Central / 1PM Eastern Today (Sunday, Jan 25th)

Two lawyers enter but only one will reign supreme! heh heh

At Noon Central / 1 PM +Matt Finch (Frog God Games) and Alex Kammer (Gamehole Con) will debate all things Thieves Guild & Megadungeonery:
Sunday at noon central, two attorney-gamers with different opinions about the two vital topics of thieves guilds and megadungeons, head to head, live. Alex Kammer has terribly wrong opinions on thieves guilds (he thinks they don't make sense) and megadungeons (he's against them in some way). 
Abuse then both in Live Chat ;)


  1. The situation our legal and political systems find themselves in proves to me the Thieves' Guild is alive and well with no suspension of disbelief.

  2. I'd love to see more of these types of discussions. I'm in agreement with Alex on this one, the named Thieves Guild has always struck me as a ridiculous fantasy trope. But I definitely liked some of the justifications and adventure ideas that Matt came up with for it.


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