Thursday, August 24, 2017

Deal of the Day - SideQuest Decks: Wilderness & Frontier Fantasy (1.98 PDF / 9.99 Print plus PDF)

Inkwell Designs has an awesome selection of SideQuest Decks. Today's RPGNow Deal of the Day is SideQuest Decks: Wilderness & Frontier Fantasy. $1.98 in PDF (normally $5.95) and $9.95 for the printed cards plus PDF (normally $21.90)

But wait! There more!

There are a total of SIX SideQuest Decks on sale for an extremely limited time for $1.98 in PDF or $9.95 for printed cards plus PDF.

You can grab them here.

I'm in for the Dungeons, Caves and Ruins and the Wilderness & Frontier Fantasy myself ;)

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