Monday, October 17, 2016

Kickstarter - I'M The Dungeon Master (No, I Too am F'n Clueless)

What exactly are Augmented Reality dice? While we are on the topic, what the fuck is an Interactive T-shirt? Do you need to touch the person wearing it? Do you touch yourself?

Nope, no answer there. The shirt itself doesn't look like it needed much development. They could have invested in a semi decent English translator though, because this is painful.

I don't think you get those pretty dice. Apparently you can't play everywhere without your IMDM printed direct-to-garment T-shirt. Without the shirt, you can only play "somewhere", maybe?

Thank the Gods they have a "fully printed and working T-shirt." I hate it when t-shirts fail to work. So, does my perspiration help generate random numbers? Is the shirt heat sensitive? Is it wired with electrodes that will lead to my death when my sweat shorts it out?

WTF are they trying to sell here?


A dice APP?

That needs a shirt?

Wait. They're signed multiple contracts already to print these shirts?

I knew the dice image looked too professional: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81bZIhMZbpL.jpg

So much pain.


  1. I have seen augmented reality at, and it requires an App keyed to the specific images that it augments.

    1. That was augmented reality Art, which was animated when viewed with the app.

    2. I think your right. For people who don't know it would work something like this (guess) you hold up a phone so the shirt is in the camera while running this app (or using Google glass if they want to go all in :p ) then it runs a die roller app so the the image of the dice is rolling on the shirt. And that's it. It's sounds like a gimmicky die roller from their discription, since AR is the next big thing.

  2. So . . . They are an augmented reality company. With no augmented reality in their intro video.

  3. "So Much Dice Sets" may just be the name of my new band.

  4. I think my reality needs to be augmented to understand that pitch.

  5. Is that the dragon's D I can see on the "D"?

  6. Shirts aren't as easy as you think: https://twitter.com/KurtRoesener/status/783322587820548096


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