Saturday, October 22, 2016

When Organizing your Collection Bring's Gems to the Surface - Ken St Andre's Personal Copy of Tunnels & Trolls 2e

When it comes to RPGs, I'm a bit of a collector. I like Tunnels & Trolls, not just for the system but because there is a finite number of classic items to collect with a nearly limitless variation in printings.

My top prize, T&T or otherwise, is Ken St. Andre's personal copy of Tunnels & Trolls 2e. As less than 100 copies of T&T 1e were printed (and only a small number have survived) Ken's copy of 2e was one heck of a get when I got it. It was a play copy, and the back cover is missing, but what do you expect when it's stapled ;)

Oh, and i found I have nearly as many editions and printings of the core Castles & Crusades books. I know what's going to be gifted for OSR Christmas :)


  1. I know what I asking for, for Christmas then. C&C me please! lol

    I know your heart had to skip a beat when you pulled that little gem out.


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