Friday, September 23, 2016

Kickstarter - Barrowmaze Complete for 5e (what it says on the tin)

+Stan Shinn and +Greg Gillespie are corroborating on Barrowmaze Complete for 5e. Originally an OSR release (you can look here) it is being converted to 5e play.

Pretty interesting, especially for those playing 5e. It's a great adventure, which can play out in pieces or one huge arc.

The success of this KS could lead towards conversions of other third party classic adventures (Troll Lord Games is currently converting some of their C&C adventures to 5e)
Secret Doors? Check, Deadly Traps? Check, Hidden Treasures? Check, Terrifying Monsters? Check, Slim Chance of Survival? Check. 
Originally written for Labyrinth Lord rules, Barrowmaze author Greg Gillespie and Rogue Comet have partnered to produce a 5th edition version of this classic megadungeon adventure. Over 250 pages of adventure with more than 600 dungeon rooms, a fully fleshed out local village and setting, new monsters, new magic items, maps, and a custom character sheet. It is great for a short adventure but with enough content for years of gaming! 
The 250+ page book contains:
A fully-fleshed out gazetteer
A megadungeon
Player handouts
Pregenerated characters
A custom Barrowmaze-themed 5e character sheet

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  1. My only concern here is that Stan has a few other funded but unfulfilled projects in the pipeline. I've met Stan at NTX a couple of times - seeing his Traveller and 5e session proves his dedication and preparation to gaming - but unless he has a bunch of folks helping him with the box sets and cards and other work, I'd be worried about the straw that breaks the camel's back here. No offense to Stan or Greg intended, I just worry about the workload and our industry's current KS trend of excitement turning into delays when the work piles up.

  2. I will not mention Stan's name in the same comment as someone else who ran multiple crowdfunding projects, Stan's communication has been good, and I don't doubt that I will get my products, even if they may be late. However in general I have some comfort issues when someone is running another crowdfunding project while not having finished fully delivering the first one(s).

  3. Anyone selling a book that is slimmer than any of the core 5e books, is B&W and not full color, is not even fully paid-for and includes "at cost coupons" for later PoD, and yet it sells for nearly twice the price of the 5e PHB, can go sod right off.

    With all due respect for Mr. Shinn, I think his Dungeonesque project is not what it should have been. It has barely any art and he basically made people pay a good amount of money for a condensed version of the free Basic Rules with a few extra spells thrown in and slightly better formatting. The fact that he's now trying to sell the print version of Barrowmaze 5e for 85 bleeding dollars (70 in the KS + another 15 for print later) is just a massive no-no for me.


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