Monday, February 9, 2015

Mini Review - Whoa! Here Come the Dead - (Far Away Land - PWYW)

I was home sick from work today (doc diagnosed me with an upper respiratory infection) so I've spent much of that time watching more episodes of Blakes7 on Youtube and reading gaming material in the moments I wan't sleeping.

One thing I read today was Whoa! Here Come the Dead, the 2nd mini adventure for Far Away Land.

There are six pages between the covers of this mini-adventure-sandbox.

Something I've really enjoyed with the FAL mini-adventures is that they steer away from the railroad. Here's the hook, here's the BBEG or dramatic ending and here's a couple of ideas and adventure opportunities for the DM to use or not as the party finds their way.

As usual, a random weather chart and random encounter tables.

The village on the edge of a swamp needs the players to deal with some undead and a skelet mage. Fun times for relatively new PCs.

From the blurb:

Your party finds that they are in a swamp, and on the edge of that swamp is the village of Grove. The village has recently been plagued by a skelet mage and his undead minions who have taken up residency in the old graveyard outside of town. Several residents have already fallen victim to the skelet mage. Grove needs heroes - that means you!

Whoa! Here Come the Dead is the second in a series of Far Away Land pay what you want (or nothing at all :) series of adventures. Pick up your sword, grab a set of armor, con a wizard, and help the swampmerls get their village back.

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