Sunday, February 8, 2015

Haven't Watched Blake's 7 in Ages - Found it on Youtube - Thinking Thoughts Involving Far Away Land

Sure, Blake's 7 is cheese, but it is awesome cheese as only the British can do.

So, as I watch this, I'm thinking of how well Far Away Land's core system would be the perfect vehicle to play scenarios in the Blake's 7 universe. FAL's core system is simple and flexible and works just as well in a fantasy setting as a space opera sci-fi setting.

Notice I didn't say all types of sci-fi. While Fire Away Land can be lethal, it isn't a good fit in my eyes for hard sci-fi. Blake's 7 seems to be a decent fit. Heck, I suspect Red Dwarf would make an even better fit. I have the Red Dwarf RPG somewhere, so I may have to put that theory to the test.

Any Blake's 7 fans out there? Any thoughts on the idea of crossing the two?


  1. Big Blake's 7 fan here. I can't comment on using either Far Away Land or Red Dwarf to play in the Blake's 7 universe as I'm not familiar with those systems. I can tell you though that there actually is a Blake's 7 RPG. It was unofficially published in 1994 by Horizon, the Blake's 7 Appreciation Society and I was lucky enough to snag a copy on ebay. The game itself is pretty much a straight port from BRP. It has slightly different stats and skills but otherwise it's BRP. The very workman-like rules cover all aspects of action seen on the show from Personal and Space Combat, Psionics, Blake's 7 equipment and intelligent computers. The game is grim and gritty without the cinematic flourishes you would find in D6 Star Wars for example which I think works well for the mood of the series. The most disappointing omission is the lack of stats for the series main characters. If you are going to play an RPG about a T.V. series, you want to be able to play your favorite characters from the show. Who wouldn't want to roleplay the constant friction between Avon and Blake in season one. If you want to do that here, you'll have to make up their states yourself.

  2. blakes 7 is my fave show ever - there are mintures and a wargame for it
    plus universe not over developed like too many driven by tv and fandom
    BRP/Ringworld would work well - gritty and deadly
    you only need a improved star drive to keep ahead of the federation

  3. Big Finish (well renowned producers of genre audio drama, including a series based on Pathfinder's Rise of the Runelords) are currently on their second season of Blake's 7 audio dramas, featuring much of the original cast. Highly recommended: http://www.bigfinish.com/ranges/released/blake-s-7---the-classic-audio-adventures

  4. Love Blake's 7. Not sure how it is cheesy aside from low-budget SFX. I wish they would release DVDs for North America. I have an unofficial B7 RPG PDF on my laptop at home but have not read it. Great, thoughtful entertainment. gotta love Avon and Vila.


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