Monday, January 7, 2013

An Awesome Looking Kickstarter - Legendary Realms Terrain – Themed Dungeon Rooms!

Oh my friggin' gawds! Will you look at this stuff! What I would have done with Legendary Realms when I was 19 and gaming like 4 times a week. I'm damn near about to have a geek-gasm!

Alright, someone tell me how I can use this with G+ Hangouts. Really, I need to make that work. Or hell, I could just set this up and run my unpainted Dwarven Adventurers & Reaper Bones through it. It's like a playset made for a 45 year old gaming geek.

Shit! I've used the word "geek" way to many times so far.

I notice this expects to ship in March. Somehow, I suspect they will blow past goal and fall a bit behind on that . That's fine, because stretch goals should mean more goodies.

Damn, I'll need to find a table to lay this out on.

Maybe the wife will give up her side of the bed ;)

(Holy Crap! If they hit $15k, everyone pledging $100 or more gets a PDF copy of Rappan Athuk! I wonder if I can gift my copy? Oh, other stuff in PDF too, like Purple Mountain by Purple Duck Games - its a mega dungeon too!)


  1. The stuff is even more impressive in person. They usually show up to Dreamation and DexCon, and have taken to running ginormous LL games using the terrain.

  2. @josepg - you are not helping ;)

  3. Believe me, if I was still using miniatures with my RPGing, I'd be dropping some serious cash on these things.

  4. Those look good. I just need to dig and see exactly what I'd be getting before I commit to backing them. But I could use some more doors.

  5. It doesn't look as good as my Dwarven Forge sets.

  6. Go to the hirst arts site, you can build stuff that is as good or better than this stuff using the HA molds.


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