Monday, December 3, 2012

The Feed Was Dead. Long Live the Feed!

When I had to nuke the old site, and rebuild it via the new site, I forgot to fix "the Feed".

No one told me it was broken either, go figure.

Well, it's fixed now, so if you prefer the feed, or just like surfing thru feeds to find the posts you like, the feed is now up.

Alright, back to opening the goodies that came in the mail today ;)


  1. I thought it was wierd that your posts weren't coming up on the campaign wiki page. I was beginning to get restless for the Kickstarter updates. All is well once more.

  2. it's not something that occurred to me until about 10 minutes before I left work. I checked the feed, which was still directed to the tenkarstavern.blogspot.com and not tenkarstavern.com. As the first one is currently serving time in "Blogger Purgatory", I was happy to fix the feed fore the proper address ;)

  3. Huh, I've been getting your feed fine. But I guess I've been subscribing only since you got the new url.


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