Thursday, March 1, 2012

All Good Things Must Come to an End - Games That Can Not Be Named (SoHo)

Last night was the last gathering of Games That Can Not Be Named at the Digital Arts Gallery in SoHo. It's a shame, as it's been a fun couple of weeks, but gaming will go on ;)

Alex, Tavis, David (my GM if the game involved Trolls) and all the rest were a fun bunch of folks. If this was intended to get folks out of their homes and gaming in person again after years, it was certainly a success.

I did a heck of a lot of play-testing, since my share of NDAs and had fun doing so. It's a shame the attendance numbers dwindled as the weeks go on, but even yesterday we had a new gamer at the table (new to the gathering, not gaming, as she had a green d20 tattoo on the inside of her forearm ;)

Both Alex (Bad Wrong Fun) and Tavis (Autarch / ACKS) have other things in the wings and at least one player in the gathering expressed interest in running an ongoing campaign. With limited time to game, I will need to make some tough choices. Which, of course, is always better than no choices at all ;)

More play-doh minis were in use last night. I'll try and post a pic or two when I get home later.

In any case, I made some friends and met a good share of gamers. Time well spent.

Game on!

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