Friday, March 2, 2012

Bits and Pieces - End of the Week Roundup

As I mentioned last night, I'm about to start a retrospective of the first 7 RPGs to hit the hobby, at least from a fantasy perspective (although I may roam further after I finish the initial 7). This will consume some time, but it should be a blast.

We also have a hair over 200 followers of this blog, so it's time for a contest. I'll announce it either tonight or tomorrow. The timing is perfect, as RPGNow's GM Sale will allow my dollars to go further in regards to offering prizes. At least one piece is going to be a dead tree product, and that prize will be limited to entries from the U.S., as I'm paying shipping. The rest will either be credit at RPGNow,or PDFs I'll purchase for your account at RPGNow. I always have fun with contests :)

Totally unrelated, but kitchen renovations should be wrapping up this weekend. We actually have a working kitchen sink for the first time since late December. A happy wife makes for a happy gamer ;)

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