Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Have The Secret Fire in My Hand!

Feline approved.  Cover is reflective in direct sunlight.  The Secret Fire is flammable, do not place in open flames.  No felines were damaged in the shooting of this picture.  Ashley has no opinion on Role Playing Games, in general or otherwise, but enjoys RPG dice.  Opinions expressed are those of her owner.

Lulu sent my two printed copies of The Secret Fire damn fast.  Nice white paper, large pocket sized, perfect for me to throw in my bag for work or read in the private reading room.

If you purchased a PDF copy of The Secret Fire from Lulu that lacks bookmarking, go to this post on The Secret Fire Blog to find out how to get an updated copy.  The Secret Fire guys (George and the rest) have been very receptive to critiques and their customer service has been top notch.


  1. Hmm, we might need to modify the blurb: "The Secret Fire RPG: approved for use by Feline Overlords".
    Thanks for the review by the way.
    (Bill at Secret Fire Games)

  2. I just recieved my copy yesterday and so far found it quite interesting. Looking forward to running it for my group. I was curious if you knew when the iPhone app was due out?

  3. Thanks for posting about the updated PDF, I wouldn't have known otherwise!

  4. @Bill Heron - the review is on going ;)

    @The Mild Mannered Gamer - i'm just a blogger and a fan. I don't know when the iOS app will be out, but Apple is infamous for taking a long time to approve apps. I'm sure Bill or Gerorge will announce when it is out

    @Gustavo Hornburg - glad to help. gotta love the bookmarks :)


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