Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Watch the Game or Play the Game

My Jets (I call them mine, as I am a long time suffering Jets fan) have an 8 pm playoff game this Saturday nite. If my memory serves, I also have a monthly Castles & Crusades game via Fantasy Grounds 2 at, you guessed it, 8pm on Saturday nite.

Decisions, decisions.

I am leaning heavily towards watching the game. I know in theory I could do both, but I sincerely doubt my ability to game successfully while watching football, eating chips and drinking beer. The distractions will just be too great ;)

Not that I expect the Jets to go all the way this year. Their play has been too inconsistent. Still, I expect I'll have a good time watching, assuming they don't get crushed.

We are gradually closing in on 100 followers of this fine blog. I'll need to think of someway to celebrate when we finally do hit the mark.


  1. For me, given the choice, I'd rather participate in something than watch a bunch of other people have at it. But to each their own.

  2. See, I'd be fine. My team won the AFC East and got a bye this week. ;)

    Generally speaking, I'll miss the regular season for stuff like a game, but playoffs are a different story.

    May the best team win...

  3. IT'S THE PLAY-OFF'S!!! Allready cancelled my game day for I am a die-hard saints fan. You can game any weekend, but for a fan of a sports team in the play-off's, no-way!. My vote-watch the game!

  4. Let's see, disappoint 5 others by breaking up a game session to watch a sporting event? I can't even believe there is even a choice. Gaming wins by a couple of hundred touchdowns.

  5. i got a 2 week reprieve it seems


    watch game, then game during the weekend there are no playoff games ;)

  6. Nice, Tenkar. I'll be pulling for the Jets as the Chargers managed to yet again under-achieve.

  7. Not gonna root for the 7-9 Seahawks? heh

    I'll annoy you with email updates saturday nite ;)


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