Sunday, January 23, 2011

Post Game Wrap Up

Last nite we added a new player to our Castles & Crusades via Fantasy Grounds group.  Our DM is an American living in Spain, I'm in New York, another is in Michigan, one in LA, the newest is an Aussie I do believe.  Damn, left one out I think.  You couldn't get a group like that together around the dining room table if you wanted to ;)

In the four hours we played, we made a few Siege Checks but not a single combat roll.  Role Playing and puzzle solving were the main course.  In retrospect, that's kind of amazing, especially as I didn't even realize we had no combat until we wrapped up after midnite.  Another great job by Rob, our DM.

We did change one thing... we are no longer voting on Roleplay Bonus expo for the other players.  We decided that the group roleplays pretty well already, and we don't need the carrot.  If there is a bonus to be given out, its back in Rob's hands.

Next session is in about 4 weeks.  Should be another blast.


  1. I forgot to tell you. I picked up on the players awarding bonus xp to each other via voting from your blog. I gave it a go, I must say, they didn't care for it, so I nixed it. In retrospect, I don't think, as a player, I would have cared for it either.

  2. Yeah, it kinda worked when our group had a noticeable turnover, but we're pretty stable now, and the roleplay is coming naturally.

    rob basically asked us our feelings on it last nite, and we were all fairly neutral on it (I know I split my pts equally amongst the others, and I suspect most did something similar)


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