Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Damn Proud

Got to see my son graduate as an Auxiliary Police Officer tonight. He gets to volunteer his time to help our community, and I get to stay up to midnite on the nites he volunteers, 'cause that's what parents do.

Nothing game related here, just pride. Well, I guess the late nites will be game related, as I will probably either be reading game blogs or gaming material ;)


  1. That is very, very cool. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations! Best of luck to him when he's out there -- stay safe!

  3. Congratulations! "Be careful out there!"

  4. AWESOME! I know how good it feels to see a teen son do well. Congratulations to him!

  5. He'll have a few years of volunteering before he's eligible to join his old man on the force... assuming I don't retire before then ;)

    Thanks all for the well wishes!

  6. I've noticed that since having kids, I am using their names for all my characters in video games instead of my old monikers. Is that strange? Being a parent is certainly a whole new ball game. I can't imagine my kids being teenagers yet, that is just light years away to me.


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