Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PDF Pricing Observations - Corrected

I goobbered ;)

821 for the week is correct, equaling approximately $1100 is sales

821 is volume-wise (not cash) equal to 4 months of sales, or 17 weeks.

Putting the average week at about 48 products sold at a rough average of $6 a pop. (why Jim thought lowering prices on everything to $1.34 would only double his sales is beyond me... he really low balled expectations).

Average weekly sale of around $290 for that 4 months period, so the sales nearly quadrupled his cash, and increased the number of sales 17 fold.

See what happens when you type before double checking your facts? ;)

Still, an amazing feat, and a great showcase for the idea of lowering prices to increase profit.

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1 comment:

  1. It's a interesting example of marketing, price and sales.
    Makes me wonder how many $6.00 (average) sales will there be over the next 17 weeks?


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