Friday, September 29, 2023

State of The Tavern - Fall is for Changes - Good Ones, We Hope ;)

It's been a while since your bartender has done a State of the Tavern update. As there are some things "in the works", I figured today is as good a time as any to make the announcements.

1 - I've been approached about participating in a licensed product's development based on a well-loved IP of yore. Too early to discuss details, but I am truly psyched. I'll need to find time in my busy retired guy day to accommodate this one ;)

2 - The Tavern's Substack - https://tenkarstavern.substack.com/ hasn't been updated in 3 months. Why? Because weekly was just too frequent for most of the channels we were highlighting, and it wasn't meant to simply highlight Your Bartender's Youtube Channel. So, it's going to be monthly. Secondly, we are going to add paid-for gaming content. I figure a short dungeon adventure (sort of like the one-page dungeon or a bit longer) would pay up to 25 bucks in DTRPG store credit, and a magic item write-up could be 5 bucks, a trap could be 5 bucks, etc. System neutral, so we won't need to worry about licenses. Authors retain all rights, The Tavern's Substack simply asks to publish it on Substack on a single post/issue. This would come from affiliate monies earned, and I like to give those back to the community when I can. Figure the budget will be around 50 bucks an issue, with a frequency of once a month, starting with November 2023.

3 - www.youtube.com/@TenkarsTavern - is doing well, but I want to reward our paying members. I'm thinking of doing a bonus episode or two each week, brainstorming gaming content, and releasing that for members a week before releasing it into the wild for everyone. I'm open to further ideas on this topic :)

That's all for now. Time to research how feasible it is to return to NYC tomorrow after today's flooding...

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