Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Kickstarter - Tome of Essential Horrors (OSE)

The Tome of Essential Horrors contains more than 100 monsters, as well as an OSE stat block, B&W art, and an encounter description.

I love monsters in my RPG games. It's why, when I first decided I was going to play around with self-publishing, I kicked it off with what was essentially, two mini monster zines. I've also designed and published many monsters under the OGL right here at The Tavern.

The Tome of Essential Horrors Kickstarter is simply more monsters for my old-school RPGs and that rocks. Written for OSE but easily usable with any of the retro-clones with little if any effort, it brings over 100 monsters from prior Swords & Wizardry (and likely Pathfinder) versions of the monsters up to OSE standards, with new art and layout.

It has been more than 20 years since Necromancer Games first unleashed the Tome of Horrors, and our philosophy has not changed: Everybody needs more monsters! Necromancer Games has always been known for its monsters, and with the Tome of Essential Horrors, we would like to introduce those unique and mysterious creatures to your Old-School Essentials' table.

This beast of a book contains more than 100 monsters and brings classic monsters from Frog God Games and Necromancer Games to OSE referees and players. Each entry includes a full OSE stat block, classic black-and-white art, and an interesting encounter that highlights the creature. The Tome has been designed with Advanced Fantasy Old-School Essentials in mind but is compatible with both Classic Fantasy and Advanced Fantasy OSE.

Personally, I love the encounters. Many of the encounters can be likely be fleshed out into full mini-adventures, so there's lots of gaming material within the pages. Frog God is offering a sneak peek at the contents, with the Naga section of the book available for free download at DTRPG.

Here's how the Print versions line up (note: PDF starts at $15)

Print Formats

The Tome of Essential Horrors has two formats available. The interior pages and trim sizes are identical (A5, approximately 5.8" x 8.3"). These will be printed via DriveThruRPG’s Print-on-Demand Service*.

1. Softcover: Tome of Essential Horrors Softcover ($28) and Tome of Essential Horrors SC + VTT ($43)

Full-color laminated cover pages and paperback covers are glued together at the spine.

2. Hardcover: Tome of Essential Horrors Hardcover ($48) and Tome of Essential Horrors HC + VTT ($63)

Hardcover (Case Laminate). Pages are glued to hardcover at the ends.

*A traditional, offset printed book is not planned, but if we exceed 750 physical hardcover book orders before project completion, we will assess and re-evaluate the offset printing option.


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  1. I've been avoiding backing any more Kickstarters, but this is an insta-back. No doubt it will be amazing.


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