Sunday, May 14, 2023

Acquired an "Emergency" Game

Acquired an "Emergency" Game

1st off, Happy Mother's Day to all the Patrons here at the Tavern, I hope you've been able to celebrate appropriately......

Today I'm supposed to be busy prepping for NTRPG 2023, but I was asked to go on a last-minute business trip to a far-away location in place of a coworker who had a loved one admitted to the ER. Now normally I enjoy travelling, but this trip.....well I'm having a less-than-stellar time in my hotel. I'm not mentioning this to complain here, 'cause 1) why would you care, 2) how would you benefit from that info, and 3) I don't think venting would do me any good.

No, I'm mentioning this because I have learned what I think is a valuable lesson and I'm kind of surprised that I haven't (obviously) learned this lesson before: one should bring some "emergency" gaming supplies while travelling.

Now I did bring a set of dice and a reprint of the D&D B/X rules with me so technically I did bring some gaming supplies, but we weren't having an online game while I was travelling and even if we did, the bandwidth here at this hotel would preclude me from taking part in the game if we did have one. Ugh.....

Luckily for me there is one decent FLGS here in this city and I was able to pickup a copy of EPIC Zombies.....which is odd, because I think I have a copy of EPIC Dungeons at home that I definitely should have picked, and probably definitely will in the future. This boring Sunday morning I'm fixing to open up this game and I'm kind of stoked because it seems like an ideal, even better than the EPIC Dungeons I already had (and mentioned a year or so ago). Small footprint (for packing) game, 1-5 players? So I can run this solo or with a small group.....

....but there's ALSO like five different game modes? Wait...what?

Fortunately there is an EPIC Zombies entry in the Dized app and there is even a YouTube video showing how to play the basic Humans vs. Zombies cooperative mode.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some mothers to call and some zombies to kill.....

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  1. I keep a pencil box with a solo play kit around. It's somewhat inspired by the SJG pocket box games, but slightly roomier. Everything is about 4x6 inch or A6 sized booklets, reduced from half page source PDFs. In addition, a couple of GM's Apprentice decks, and I'm good to play almost anywhere.


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