Friday, May 5, 2023

Humble Bundle - Battletech Legends (Fiction Bundle)

I literally had no idea how much fiction had been written for the Battletech universe. For 18 bucks, you get 60 titles from the Battletech Legends series of books in epub and mobi format, so whether you use a Nook or Kindle or something in between (or an app that works with such) you're in good hands.

An arsenal of BattleTech fiction

Explore a science-fiction universe of Great Houses, mercenaries, and BattleMechs with this collection of BattleTech tales! This library of 60 Legends ebooks features The Warrior Trilogy, The Gray Death Legion Saga, and more. Immerse yourself in thrilling sci-fi stories from Catalyst Game Labs, and help support Global Foodbanking Network with your purchase!

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