Saturday, January 21, 2023

Humble Bundle - RPG Worlds by Kobold Press & Friends (5e and OSR)

I'm quite sure you read of and/or heard of the recent uproar over WotC's plans to cancel the 1.0(a) OGL, upon which nearly every 3rd party D20 system/scenario/ campaign is built. If you only care about OSR material, you are well covered and have amazing value in the RPG Worlds by Kobold Press & Friends Humble Bundle. If you play 5e or are willing to convert from 5e to OSR, the value is off the charts.

A percentage of sales through The Tavern's affiliate link for Humble Bundle will go to support The Tavern and The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Note - OSR Christmas Day 12 Gifting will be done on Monday

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