Sunday, August 7, 2022

Steve's the Man! (Thanks!!!!!)

Steve's the Man! (Thanks!!!!!)
Pretty sure I've covered this aspect of my personal life before, but in case I didn't....I travel for work. Not really a road-warrior, but still more than a fair bit. The nature of my business travel is a bit on the odd side as I'm usually gone for a two-week stretch, sometimes a solid month, at a time. There are obvious up & downsides, but as far as gaming goes....well I'm grateful to be in an online group.

This weekend I'm in the middle of a two-weeker only a state away from my home base, so I was allowed to drive. This made it possible to drive to the "big city" for a whirlwind 48 hour "vacation". It really wasn't a vacay, but I spent enough money that the only reason I'm not fretting about that fact is because I'm mentally checked out vacation-wise.....and I know it was a helluva lot cheaper than it would be if I had gone to GenCon instead.

Last night was my bi-weekly online game which I played from my hotel room, which was kind of odd for me because the entire group was, for once, in the same city during the game. It would've been the perfect time to trash and stink up the GM's house like we try to trash and stink up his game......

I did briefly get to visit with my GM and then one of my fellow players...and here's a shout-out to Steve, 'cause he's the man, which will be evident really damn soon. Note to anyone everyone: Steve better not be paying for any drinks at NTRPG Con next year or I'll have to kick my own ass.

So Steve reads this blog I think everyday, not even something I'll admit to, and he read about my wonderful foray into not getting a decent copy of the Deities & Demigods. So what does Steve do? He pretty much loads up one of every 1st edition hardcover and drives out of his way to my hotel to gift it to me! Oh and he makes sure to add the very Deities & Demigods edition I was eyeballing at that other place! The story I got was that he's trying to downsize his collection and these are like 3rd or 4th copies of stuff.

Home Bar V 1.0
Pic for attention...

Sure it is Steve, sure it is. Actually I believe him, but he makes it sound like I'm doing him a favor, which is almost laughable. Well I'm going to make sure he gets a little care package of some bottles that I need to "downsize" from my collection....and I do actually have a "collection", so I'm not just making that up (version 1.0 of my home bar pictured to the right). Luckily for me his favorite liquor is also mine, and he didn't mention liking the one type that I only have six bottles of 'cause it's not made anymore and I could only get every bottle that remained in Idaho. That stuff has to last me the rest of my life.....

Clearly I'm joking a bit 'cause I'd cough up one of *those* for this extremely generous OSR gift. I have digital copies of about half of them and a couple hardcovers in "meh" shape, but to be able to have my very own copies of just about everything.

Now I know I'll still be out & about at the used bookstore looking for earlier printings, holes in my collection, and just stuff in general, but that's because I really enjoy...well, the hunt, as it was. While I'm specifically thinking of OSR materials now, I just enjoy finding other things I know friends and family collects or thing I think they'll like. You never know when you'll come across a real gem and it is fun, at least for me, to find a great gift for a friend. I'm going to go out on a limb and hope that Steve enjoys the hunt as well, and honestly you might too.

Now if you don't mind, I have a little bit of light reading to do about the Cthulhu mythos....

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