Friday, July 15, 2022

State of The Tavern - Minions of Tenkar, ShireCon, Tenkar's Thursday Night One Shots, and More

Wow. Things have gotten busy here at The Tavern. Let's talk about the balls being juggled ;)

Dungeon Crawl Cards should be going out in a few days. I did about 7 or 8 cards with pens that did a poor job leaving ink on the actual card, so I had to track down better silver ink pens. Ordered and crossing my fingers. Those receiving the first cards with the poorer ink will be getting a bonus to make up for it.

See that artwork/mock module cover above? That's from Fugli. Simply amazing. But it also inspired the adventure I'll be running at Shire Con on September 17th, 2022. Here's the pitch:

The Minions of Tenkar -The crazy dwarven bartender has left his Tavern and has taken up residence in the ruined abbey’s dungeons just outside of town. Over the past few months, a deformed tribe of goblins has heeded his call to extract revenge on his former town. Pets have disappeared. Someone peed in the brewery’s kegs. And now, old man Nasala has gone missing. Will you heed the call. Will you confront Tenkar’s Minions?

SWL levels 1-3. Characters rolled at table. Or bring you character back from a prior Shire Con and possibly level up.

I've got some twists and turns already mapped out in my head. Now to put it on paper.

I just ordered a Tenkar's Minions T-Shirt as well as an extra Torchlight hat. If the shirt meets my expectations, I'll order another as a giveaway at the Shire Con table, along with the extra Torchlight cap. There's a distant chance I may take orders for fulfillment at Shire Con

I'm thinking of using the following art for some Tenkar's Minions coffee mugs:

Starting in August, on the second Thursday of the month, instead of hosting the usual Tavern Chat Hangout on The Tavern's Discord Server, I'll be running a session of Tenkar's Thursday Night One Shots. These will use the Swords & Wizardry Light Rules with some options from Continual Light. We'll generate characters prior to the session, and characters that return from prior sessions can level up. It will be drop in - drop out and run from 8 PM Eastern till about 11 PM Eastern. The first session will be on the evening of Thursday, August 11th, 2022, and will use Discord for voice and Roll20 for the VTT. I am very much a VTT minimalist, so don't expect much more than for of war and online dice rolling It will be a playtest of The Minions of Tenkar, so if you plan on playing in my Shire Con game, I'll ask you to skip this session ;)

Oh, and no Livestream tonight for those wondering. Summers have a habit of f'n with expected scheduling.

K, time to get to work...

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