Thursday, March 24, 2022

Quickstart - Against the Darkmaster (PWYW)

I'm a big fan of Quickstarts, as they break systems down to their basics and it's not easy to strip down a system heavily influenced by MERP & RoleMaster to its basics. In the case of Against the Darkmaster, the basics are still well over 100 pages. The fact that Against the Darkmaster Quickstart is offered at PWYW pricing is amazing.

Return to the Classic Game of Fantasy Adventure!

Against the Darkmaster is a Epic Fantasy role-playing game of high adventures, eldritch magic and heavy metal combat.

Inspired by the classic fantasy sagas and 80s fantasy movies, Against the Darkmaster is built for heroic action and intense, character driven campaigns.

The Against the Darkmaster Deluxe Quickstart Rules include everything you need to start playing, In fact, it could well be a full RPG! This beautifully illustrated 122-page PDF includes:

  • Character creation rules and options;
  • Detailed rules for travels, combat and adventuring;
  • A complete magic system, with over 100 spells;
  • Attack tables and Critical Strikes;
  • Dozens of creatures for your heroes to face

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  1. That is a good deal. Thanks for posting!

  2. This game is an incredible amount of fun. It hits that MERP/RM spot, but does so in a cleaned-up and streamlined way. I ran it for Extra Life, and the players really enjoyed it to the point that we had a couple more sessions to wrap up the plot threads after Extra Life was over. Sure, the main book is huge, but you can do a lot with just the quickstart.


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