Thursday, October 8, 2020

Deal of the Day - Willow (S&W Micro Setting)

I prefer small settings to kick a campaign off. They are easier to digest and absorb without worrying about regions hundreds if not thousands of miles away. I guess you could say I like my sandboxes small but expandable.

Willow is a micro setting, a town, and an adventure all rolled into one. Normally 6 bucks in PDF, for the next 24 hours (more or less) Willow is on sale for 4.20.

Willow is a grim backwater micro setting made for the Swords and Wizardry rule system, but can easily be used with other old-school systems or even 5E.

Willow is a town that can be dropped into your campaign setting. Focused on game-able content and being easy to use at the table, It is graphic and art heavy. Structured as a mini hexcrawl, players will have to work together to investigate a mystery to move on from a damp backwater town to bigger, brighter places.

The Setting

Deep in a vast wood, a town called Willow sits beside the Lake of Tears. The lake is framed by weeping willow trees, their vines pouring into the lake’s dark green shores. Willow is not what one would call an upbeat town. The rains here are relentless and the grey skies loom low like a giant cage. Travelers do not linger here long; one night in the Blue Brew Inn is enough to make most jump on the ferry and move on. But recently the ferries have stopped running as something terrible has taken up residence on the river. Meanwhile, the town folk will not talk about the noises echoing up from the staircase that descends below the lake, nor the broken stone circle on the hill at the edge of town. The town's leader, a witch named Morose Morgan, is a recluse and refuses to leave her island.

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  1. Better fly under that Lucasfilm radar...using the same name as a fantasy film for your fantasy setting may not work out so well.

  2. If Morose Morgan hides in her suite and shouts endlessly at the television about political treachery, you could call this the Mother in Law Micro-Setting.


    Save versus Family.


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