Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Day Five of OSR Christmas - Awarding the Gifts

Here we go with awarding the gifts for Day Five of OSR Christmas. Let's see who gets what today:

1) 1 Box of Random Shit from the Tenkar Book Collection (TSR Era Fiction) - US Only - Robert Morris

2) 1 PDF Copy of The Midderlands from MonkeyBlood - B|X Rules

3) 1 Bundle of OSR Patches from Thad Moore - jscifert

4) 1 PDF Copy of White Star Galaxy Edition (James Spahn / Barrel Rider Games) - Jan Egil Bjune

5) 1 PDF Copy of the World War II: Operation WhiteBox adventure "The Argentine Connection" (Stouthearted Games) - Mike Bauer

6) 1 Print Copy of Dragon Heresy (Gaming Ballistic) - US Only - Michael S

7) PDF Copy of The Sentinel Chapel (DQ / System Neutral) - Josh Beckelhimer

If your name is above, email me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gmail thing. Put "OSR Christmas Gift" in the subject.  If you are receiving a physical gift I'll need a physical shipping address I can forward on (or use myself). If the gift is digital, I will need the email you use with DriveThruRPG. Day Six of OSR Christmas should go up tomorrow. It's a busy time of year and I am behind on emails again. Anything coming from me - that I need to ship - won't be shipping until after Christmas. Yes, OSR Christmas will be running past the 25th :)


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