Monday, August 20, 2018

The Tavern Chat Podcast - Episode 96 - Ken Whitman, Foiled (Machine) Again - Deja Vu

Ken Whitman - The hits just keep on coming. Much thanks to the Not Another Dime Blog for keeping the accurate and thorough accounting of Kenny.

P.S. - Kenny, September doesn't have 31 days...
The Tavern Chat Podcast hit over 20k downloads total last night. Can I get a Woot Woot!?! Ken Whitman "allegedly" has a foil machine to make pencils. Of course, earlier in the year he claimed to have two such machines. Also, tonight (Monday, August 20th - 830 PM Eastern - Live Interview with Darcy Perry, The Interview Room on the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server - you can listen and ask questions via text chat).
Link to Episode 96 - https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/Episode-96---Ken-Whitman--Foiled-Machine-Again---Deja-Vu-e22hm4

Invite to Tonight's Live Interview with Darcy Perry / Star Hat Miniatures (830 PM Eastern): discord.gg/v2j6ph


  1. Ken is using the old calendar. To convert to our modern calendar, September 31st is actually the 12th of Never.

    1. Wait, I think Sept. 31 is a leap year - once per millennium.

  2. Okay so I expected with the admission for the drives with all the information for 3 of KickStarters that he would just allow himself to vanish. So posting a new update to the Pencil Dice backers does not make any sense. And with a delivery date just 40 days away ... okay color me interested if anyone starts to get pencils because I cannot image any reason at all to post that update unless he is either a) suffering from several mental illness and feels the need to post a false update after having to admit he cannot deliver at all on 3 KickStarters ... or b) he might actually be getting ready to ship pencils.

    I have to admit ... I thought the drama was over but the anti-logic against posting a false update with 40 days on the clock seems like something could be afoot.

    1. LoL ... except it’s not exactly 40 days. Ken has managed to stack three time spans together. I think the 40 days is just for the pencils to arrive at his place from China; then there’s the time it takes to run them through the foil machine (he also mentions a pencil-making machine but I’m not sure what that one’s for); and then a time period to handle shipping.

      Adding those together is about 85 days; which ties into Ken’s hopeful wishes that we’ll see these slightly delayed pencils before the New Year.

    2. @John ... you are right ... I missed that he stacked two other time periods onto the end of that 40 day clock. My bad.

  3. "I am truly sorry for the wait." Bullshit.

    Since I will never give Kenny the benefit of the doubt nor do I think he's had a change of heart, I can only surmise that the recent KODT lawsuit that very nearly landed him in court scared the ever-lovin' shit our of our Kenny-boy and now he's in a mad scramble to get ANY of his Kickstarters settled and resolved before the next lawsuit drops. And since it appears all video/film-related properties are long since lost, all he can do is churn out pencils and card decks.

  4. As evidence of his progress he has posted a picture of what appears to be a manual hot foil stamping machine which recently sold on eBay for as low as $50.


  5. He updated the Dice card-decstatic KS as well... ...fewer specifics, same appeal to update shipping addressespecially.

  6. Sept.31st? I'll be sympathetic, give Kenny the benefit of the doubt and say he's stupid.

  7. He updated the Dice card-decstatic KS as well... ...fewer specifics, same appeal to update shipping addresses.

  8. I can't see how Whitman could possibly fulfill any of the Kickstarter projects. One interesting thing is that while my lawsuit is over, any other backer could use that as a template and file in KY against Whitman again.

    I also considered (and am still considering) finding someone local in KY and funding them in a lawsuit against Whitman; I would pay the costs and file the papers, and then have Whitman run through discover with them. At most, the person would only need to show in court a few times and answer a few simply questions. Whitman would have to comply with discovery.

    One thing that may be prompting Whitman to move is that I DID file a report and formal notice with the IRS about Whitman evading taxes on the funds raised. Since d20 Entertainment LLC never existed it is impossible for it to file taxes so I submitted proof that it was impossible for Whitman to file taxes as d20 Entertainment along with proof of Whitman's tax evasion on the $170K in funds raised.

    While the feds and the states may take their time on the other issues here, the IRS is usually a little quicker on to look at things, especially where there is over $100K in revenue that was never claimed or filed any taxes on.

  9. After reading more, I forgot, Whitman sent out some kind of social media posting earlier, like weeks ago, that he was making stuff with the machine, didn't he!

  10. Dice cards is being fulfilled by someone else. Whitman is only giving them the mailing list and art work so THEY can send out the orders, and then have the rights to the artwork.

    Whitman has just about NOTHING to do with getting Deck Dice done!

  11. Just in case anyone was wondering, the form I filed along with my report to the IRS was Form 3949-A, Information Referral .

    One of the uses of that form is to report organizations that are guilty of tax evasion.

  12. After reviewing my notes and other information, the idea that Whitman will ship before the end of the year, or even ship anything, seems remote.

    I took a look at fulfilling some of the Pencil and RPG dice orders. In total there would need to be about 87,000 pencils for around 1,500 customers. The pencils can be made for several hundred dollars plus another several hundred to ship them to the United States. The total space that many pencils would take up would be about a cub 4 ft on each side.

    My estimates were to get them stamped by the manufacturer but Whitman claims that he will stamp the pencils himself in a 24 pencil mold, meaning it would be at least 3,625 minutes or 60 hours.

    After that Whitman would need to ship then pencils to all 1,500 plus backers.

    So the total costs would be $700 for pencils plus $900 shipping plus another $1,500 in shipping at least for an estimate of about $3,100 outlay. Time would be at least 60 hours to stamp plus at least another 60 hours to ship assuming it only take a minute on average to prepare a shipment for a customer.

    This is for a person that is reported to be late on the comic book store rent at least two weeks every month.

    All indications are that Whitman does not have the time or money to be able to deliver anything, since any time or money taken from the comic book store would put him that further behind in paying said rent.
    I have no idea why Whitman even bothers to make it look like he will ever be able to deliver anything.


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