Monday, June 26, 2017

Kickstarter - The Folio Issue #15 (1e & 5e)

The Folio is back and while the covers are always good or better, this one is awesome. This is my kind of fantasy transportation right there on the cover ;)

What is The Folio? Its a series of releases of adventures / setting material for OSR and 5e rulesets. In this case, issue #15 follows on the events from issue #14.

Or as it is said on the Kickstarter page:
The Folio #15 is a 1st Edition AD&D & 5th Edition D&D combined gaming module. It will be produced as an 8x11”, removable cover [11x17" once removed], adventure with mostly b/w interior artwork. There are two interior booklets, The Gazetteer and The Dungeon, with the final size being roughly 32 pages of content.
Did you catch that "removable cover" part? Yep, makes my heart swell every time I read it.

Folio #15 is 5 bucks in PDF. If you've never checked it out before, 5 bucks is a ground ball for production quality of this level.

15 bucks gives you issues 14 and 15 in PDF, including three mini adventures from issue 14's KS and all the stretch goals from this one.

17 bucks gives you issue 15 in Print and PDF along with the stretch goals.

Did I mention the Folio is quick to deliver (August delivery on tap) and seems to always hit its project due date?

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